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Sports Performance & Fitness Training

Woodlands Sportsplex wants to be your home for all of your training needs and offers competitive sports performance and fitness membership options that allow you to make the most of our outstanding facility and capitalize on your enthusiasm for fitness and skill development/maintenance.


Youth Development Performance Training

Group training up to 2 times per week with specialized trainers focused on sport-specific strength and conditioning.

$200/Month or $2,200/year

Monday - Thursday:
Ages 8-14 5:00PM

Facility Usage
  • Sports Court access during open gym hours
  • Turf Field access during open field hours
  • Batting Cage Discount ($40/hour instead of $55/hour)
  • HitTrax Batting Cage Discount ($65/hour instead of $80/hour)


Adult Group Fitness Training

Unlimited Group Fitness Training classes with trainers focused on health, physical fitness, and weight loss.

Monday - Friday:
5:00AM / 6:30AM / 8:30AM / 9:30AM

6 Month Commitment

One time fee of $810

Month to Month



4 Classes: $75

Facility Usage
  • Sports Court access during open gym hours
  • Turf Field access during open field hours
  • Batting Cage Discount ($40/hour instead of $55/hour)
  • HitTrax Batting Cage Discount ($65/hour instead of $80/hour)


Meet the Fitness Trainers

Tory Tarnowski

Lifted Fitness Training

Tory Tarnowski, co-owner of Lifted, is an Art Director/Graphic Designer turned Personal Trainer whose entire life has been engulfed with everything fitness. Born on the 8th of November of 1988 in Porter, Texas, Tory got introduced into working out through his father, who was an avid bodybuilder and powerlifting competitor. At an early age, he learned the ins and outs of weight training, fundamentals, and the importance of proper form and technique. Fast forward through the many years of lifting weights and continuous education, a 4-year high school varsity basketball and baseball stint, with local accolades and recognition, to currently being an active NPC Men’s Physique competitor, fitness apparel business owner, Lifted co-owner and group fitness trainer with the Woodlands Sportsplex.

Through the mindset of correct form, resistance training and time-under-tension methods, with an emphasis on injury prevention, Tory provides a training platform that will help you achieve, and surpass, your fitness goals.


Bryan Chevalier

Lifted Fitness Training

Bryan Chevalier is a native Houstonian that has dedicated his adult life to educating, prescribing and challenging individuals who pursue a healthier more athletically enhanced life. This affinity to challenge people and inherently change people's lives started in his early 20's. Always having a passion for sports and looking up to his childhood mentor, Uncle Joe Lahaie, who was an accomplished powerlifter and boxer, he consequently fell in love with sculpting and molding the body through weight training.

The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) helped kick start some basic knowledge in the world of fitness training with its CFT certification course. After a year working directly with clients, the importance of what we consume on the table had a far greater Impact then Bryan ever assumed. ISSA provided Bryan with another certification, an intermediate level of knowledge through its Certified Nutritionist accolade.

Flowing through five years working with local fitness enthusiasts and health-focused clients and friends, he also applied the same knowledge and principles on himself and competed in his first bodybuilding competition, 'The Branch Warren Classic' at 25 years old. He won first place in novice and 2nd in the men's open lightweight class.

Bodybuilding accelerated Bryan's understanding of the mechanics with the human body and its relationship with weight training but, most importantly, between the body and food provided to it. The percentage to obtain his client's short and long term goals, greatly increased. At 27, Bryan competed again in the Phil Heath Classic in Houston, TX. He placed 1st in the men's middleweight open class. This was the largest show the NPC had seen to date. If there was any piece of advice to achieve success as a bodybuilder, Bryan said it would be consistency.

Consistency is key - Bryans's new thought process proceeding the show. How do you implement this mentality into helping everyone achieve their fitness orientated goals? The answer: the faults of an individual's life lie in psychology, and pairing a good psychologist with a sports orientated mind, makes for an incredible coach.

Bryan trained his clients out of multiple gyms and was contracted through Carlton Woods, which helped put his skill set on the map. He was privileged to be mentored by a man that had been in the industry for 20 years, Mike Smith. Mike was a former bodybuilder and coach, and coached Bryan through both shows and seared his brain with an accumulation of knowledge that was over two decades deep. Without knowledge, you are worthless when attempting to be great at anything, Bryan says. His biggest influences came from Mike because some things just cannot be taught in a book or online. The ability to get into your client's mind and make them desire to achieve more, because of the fear of letting their coach down, is something Mike excelled at, Bryan stated.

In 2019, Bryan paired with his good friend Tory Tarnowski and created Lifted, an upscale private training facility. Lifted is a byproduct of years of experience and understanding of what a gym needs to produce the most successful environment for various focuses of training.

Currently, Bryan Chevalier continues to exemplify strong values of unorthodox methods of training, showing kids and adults alike their ability to push through mental thresholds and spreading the seed of dietary knowledge.


Lance Kerekes

Body, Skills & Strength Coach

Coach Lance has been training sport performance in the Woodlands area for the past 5 years. Specializing in Cheerleading, Tumbling, and biomechanics Coach Lance has worked with some of the most exciting cheer athletes in the Houston area. Coach Lance was a High School Varsity athlete in Football, Wrestling, and Track and Field. This multi sport background allows him to relate to all athletes from a variety of sports and adapt training modalities for success in every training session. He received his B.S. Industrial Psychology in 2009 from Northwest Missouri State University and did graduate work in Kinesiology at Stephen F Austin State University from 2009-2012. His experience in competition, self motivation for enriched training modalities, and the personal connections made with athletes and their families has made him a perfect fit for Woodlands Sportsplex where everyday the goal is elite level training no matter the athlete or sport.

Cameron Nwosu

Sports Performance Specialist


Youth Development, General Fitness, Speed, FootWork, Strength Development, Dynamic Pilates, Yoga, & Lifestyle Coach

Everyone’s body is unique and responds to a different level of training. Coach Cam provides elite, individualized programs for both athletes of specific sports and those clients just looking to improve their overall fitness.

As a Performance Specialist, Coach Cam is very knowledgeable in Biomechanics. He applies this principle to not only youth and professional athletes, but clients of all levels – helping them maximize their full performance potential. Incorporating this standard into his training gives clients the ability to feel better, develop smarter and recover faster. Clients will improve their athletic abilities, appearance and ultimately achieve their goals without the risk of injury.

While Coach Cam specializes in Defensive Line and Linebacker positions, his areas of expertise allow him to be successful training all sports and levels of fitness. These areas include speed mechanics, footwork, flexibility, strength and conditioning, and weight management.

His passion and charisma allow him to create challenging workout experiences that are safe and effective for all fitness levels. His detailed approach to unprecedented service with results is well-known throughout the community.

Coach Cam’s unique style and inherent ability to reach a diversified clientele has made him one of the industry’s most coveted Performance Specialists.

“I truly believe that if you leave your ego at the door and immerse yourself in an environment where your desired behavior is the norm – you can always execute at your top performance. I have discovered just having experience is not what makes you valuable. It’s the knowledge you give to others that is most impactful to elevate a client to their success.”


Josh Scott

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist


Josh Scott is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CSCS). He attended Texas Lutheran University where he played 4 years of basketball and graduated with a B.S. in Kinesiology. He has been helping youth, high school, and collegiate athletes of various skill levels and sports improve speed, agility, and strength for the past 10 years in The Woodlands area. His company, JRS Performance, has a mission to develop athleticism, prevent injury, and create a positive and confident training environment for youth athletes in the community. JRS Performance offers both small group and private personal training for athletes of all ages, skill levels, and sports.



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